The Smartz way to clean your oven
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  • You'll be surprised just how clean your oven could be!
  • For a Cleaner Hob as Good as New!
  • For a Clean and Bright Oven
  • Eliminate all those Cooking Smells!
  • Your Ceramic Hob - Clean & Hygenic
  • For a Clean & Hygenic Oven
  • For Improved Oven and Fan Efficiency
  • Your Oven - Clean Inside & Out!

Professional oven cleaning service throughout Central Scotland, Fife, Edinburgh & Lothians

Oven Cleaning for an Oven just like New!

Oven Cleaning Services in Bo'ness, Falkirk, Bathgate, Livingston, Fife and throughout Central Scotland

Cleaning your Oven can be the hardest job in the kitchen

Let us show you what your oven wants to look like

Why have your oven cleaned
  • Appearance As New
  • Hygiene
  • Eliminate Cooking Smells
  • Eliminate Oven Smoking
  • Improved Oven Efficiency
  • Once Clean, Easier to Maintain
  • Improved Fan Blade Efficiency

Cleaning the oven is widely acknowledged to be one of the worst jobs in the kitchen.

It's often out of sight, out of mind!

And, because it is, it's put off until it's almost too dirty to even think about! But...

Ovensmartz does the hard & dirty work for you.

Our fully trained & experienced staff will remove all grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from your cooker's hob and oven with minimum disruption to your day.

And, your oven

  • is ready to use immediately
  • with no waiting
  • no wasted time
  • looks and works as good as new!

Your oven, hob and cooker as clean and smartz as new!

Hob before cleaning Hob after cleaning

Our specialist oven cleaning technicians use only products which are non-caustic, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Fresh products guaranteed every time for a clean, hygienic, efficient cooker & oven just as good as when new!

Ovensmartz mobile domestic cooker and oven cleaning service takes the hard work out of cleaning your oven!

About Ovensmartz

Welcome from Ovensmartz, your local oven cleaning specialists

Based in Bo'ness, West Lothian, Ovensmartz is ideally located to provide Professionally cleaned ovens, cookers and hobs throughout Central Scotland, Fife, Edinburgh & Lothians.

Ovensmartz is a privately owned family operated cooker and oven cleaning company and not a franchise or part of any larger organisation.

Since startup Ovensmartz has been building a reputation with customers for providing an exceptional service at a very competitive price.

Our cooker and oven cleaning service

All types of ovens including; Gas, Electric, Single, Double, Ranges, Agas, Hobs, Hoods, Microwaves are our everyday bread & butter and there is no difference in the way each job is approached, large or small.

Your Ovensmartz Guarantee

As a considerable amount of our work comes from repeat business and customer recommendation, it's important that when we leave our customers home or kitchen they are happy and satisfied.

That gives new customers the confidence and guarantee that what they expect to get will be exactly that - the very deepest clean and their cooker and oven left in a clean and pristine condition and 'as good as when new'!

The price quoted is a fixed price for the type of oven, not level of work needed, and don't worry, we will have seen worse whatever you may think.

Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning service

Cleaning usually takes between 2 & 4 hours depending on services chosen & type of oven.

All cleaning products used are non-caustic and your oven is safe to use straight away with no waiting or wasted time.

There is no time like the present so call Ian now on 01506 202732, 07551 633785 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start enjoying again the pleasure of an almost new oven today!

Oven Cleaning Prices

Oven Cleaning Prices

Domestic and Commercial Services in Bo'ness, Falkirk, Edinburgh & throughout Central Scotland

  • Ovensmartz clean gas, electric, aga, range and stove ovens
  • Hobs - gas, electric & ceramic
  • Extractor/cooker hoods, barbeque, grill racks & microwaves

Single Standard Conventional Oven - £49 (no vat)

Single Standard Fan-Assisted Oven - £49 (no vat)

(Other prices on request, phone Ian on 07551 633785 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!)

Discounts available, get 10% or 15% off, for everyone, when you organise a family or neighbourhood clean!

For an oven as clean as new!

Oven before cleaning Oven before cleaning

Professionally cleaned ovens, cookers and hobs

How Ovensmartz cleans your oven

So your probably wondering what you get for your money!

Ovensmartz would like to take this opportunity to explain exactly what it is we do and exactly what it is that you will receive:-

1. All oven moving parts removed

So to start with we remove everything that can physically come out of the oven so the side racks and shelves are removed along with the back panel and fan and on some ovens if possible the side panels as well.

These are all put into our special dip tank outside that's filled with our fresh, 100% bio-degradeable solution to soak and get rid of all that grease and burnt-on dirt that's built up on your shelves and panels whilst we continue with the inside of your oven.

2. All doors come off!

We take off the oven door and split it into 2 sections so that we can clean all 4 sides of the glass getting rid of all the streaks and burnt on dirt that you cannot reach from just cleaning both sides of the oven door.

Booking a Clean is easy, just call Ian on

  • 01506 202732
  • 07551 633785

3. All fittings, too...

We remove all fittings on the front of the oven so that we can clean them all individually and get to the grease and dirt that has built up behind them.

4. Then the inside of oven!

We then clean the inside of your oven before returning to our van to collect your oven panels and racks before putting them all back into your new looking oven before finishing off with a final polish to put that shine back into your oven.

5. And, hobs are no different

Hobs are cleaned in a similar way to the oven, firstly if it's a range cooker or gas hob we remove the pan stands and burner rings and put them in the dipping tank outside along with your oven parts.

6. Everything reassembled and given a final polish

We then move on to taking off all the fittings to clean individually whilst leaving the hob clear then to remove all the burnt-on dirt and grease before putting the fittings back.

The hob is then given a final polish before putting back your burner rings and pan stands leaving you with an oven looking as smartz as new.

The final result: A bright, shining cooker, hob and oven cleaned as good as new!


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